One thought on “The 21st century public servant – drivers of change

  1. Maria and Helen,

    many thanks for an interesting post! I couldn’t agree more, yet I do find one of the points in your summary a bit too fuzzy (this was taken from Shergold’s analysis, not yours). Point 3 about co-production is all the rave at the moment, but what does it really mean? And can patients/service users really be on the same footing with professionals and if so, how can we achieve this? We know that the main resistance to change often comes from professionals who are protecting their ability to act according to canonised knowledge and professional practice. So, what is exactly the status and role of the patient/service user in this dynamic? You rightly mention that paternalistic services have become a target for ridicule but I am not clear yet HOW the balance of power can be shifted effectively. Your thoughts?

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