Showcase Programme 2012-2013

26-Nov Julia Mlambo Talking to the Taxman about poetry:  Policy implementation, culture and tackling tax avoidance.
Maureen O’Connor ‘Messiness, method, mapping: the use of mapping in qualitative research’
Jiayuan Li The Time Trend of Happiness in China
03-Dec William Jabang Commissioning for and procuring Social Value
Dumisani Jantjies Performance accountability of provincial government in North West and Gauteng
Tutik Rachmawait Public entrepreneurship in local government and its role in shaping Local Economic Development
28-Jan Rebecca O’Neill The role of evidence in the policy process
Rosdi Aziz Efficiency and effectiveness of complaint management in the public sector
Huaxing Liu Factors that affect public trust in local government: evidence from China
Pobsook Chamchong Exploring Possible Models of Collaboration between Local Governments in Thailand: Lessons from the UK
25-Feb Holly Taylor Evaluating Criminal Justice Interventions in the Field of Domestic Violence – A Realist Approach
18-Mar Teguh Widodo The Implementation of Performance Based Budgeting in Indonesia
Sungwon Lee The impact of South Korea Projects Feasibility Study on the Budget allocation
29-Apr Tom Barrance De Tourqueville to Techville – the development of e-democracy in local government
Lyn Thanaporn Fostering and Sustaining Public Service Improvement through Governance Networks
Sang Hoon Shin Dysfunctional consequences of the Korean performance budgeting and their policy implications
20-May Paul Keasey Public Confidence in Policing
Marilyn Merriam The role of the voluntary sector in the Criminal
Justice System
Abena Dadze Arthur ‘Made in the West, adapted by the East – institutionalizing customer-centric public services in Abu Dhabi
Mohammed Alsaif Factors that affect citizens’ adoption of e-government in Saudi Arabia.
10 Jun George Despotidis Exploring the potential of Citizen participation as a tool to re-establish the connection between citizens and politicians in Greece.
Caitlin McMullin Making Participatory Democracy Work: Identifying and implementing a culture of involvement
Yasmin Rizvi Understanding Public Private Partnerships

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