Interested in contributing to the INLOGOV Blog?

Do you have insight into the workings of local government you’d love to share? Maybe you’ve just completed some research on local government or you work for a local government and want to offer a perspective you think others might find interesting. Maybe you want to respond to something you’ve read on this blog.

We’re inviting contributions to the INLOGOV blog, so if you want to get your opinion out there just get in touch. Send a few words with your idea for a blog post to [email protected] and we can go from there.

We accept posts on a range of things. It could be to highlight new research, express an opinion on contemporary developments or to inform emerging or existing debates. The only thing we ask is that it’s linked in some way to the workings of local government, wherever in the world that might be.
You are free to adopt any style you wish, but I can offer a number of pointers that have been shown to increase the impact of our posts:

Be concise: make a simple argument or highlight an issue of important in 400-800 words. Try and summarise your ideas in a couple of short sentences near the state of the piece and stay on point throughout.

Be relevant: Connect your blog to a current academic debate and/or recent new story. Use hyperlinks to reference articles and news items that support your line of argument.

Be impactful: Avoid jargon and write for a non-specialist audience. Use a provocative or through provoking title. Try and convey energy and enthusiasm, as if presenting your case to someone in the room. If possible, accompany your blog with a photo or image.

Be proud: Draw on your professional/academic expertise. Include a (max 50 words) biography and author photo when you send your post. Promote your post through your own professional network, including social media.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

One thought on “Interested in contributing to the INLOGOV Blog?

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