Improve your prospects by studying with INLOGOV

There has never been a better time to invest in your future.  Local government – and the wider public sector- needs creative, agile and intelligent leaders who can respond to a fast-changing and challenging environment. But – more people are competing for fewer jobs.

Now is a very good time to join us on our Masters or Post Graduate Certificate programmes.

You can try us out and start gaining academic credits with an Executive Development programme on one of our key topics – like Collaborative Strategy or Managing People.

Why study with us?

INLOGOV is the UK’s leading centre for learning about local government and the wider public sector so a qualification from us really counts.

We offer you;

  • Flexible programmes which make the best use of your time – tailored to your needs.
  • First rate teaching and support – we’re with you all the way.
  • Blended learning – combining campus teaching with learning in your own time.
  • Insights from both theory and practice – which you can apply to your work now.
  • Opportunities to share learning and build networks with other students.
  • Critical thinking skills – which will ensure you stand out from the crowd.
  • Access to the best thinkers in public management.
  • World-class library facilities.

Its not too late to register for September, or you can start in January 2014.

To find out more visit our website or contact Sarah Smith on 0121 414 8390 or [email protected]


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